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The staff and partners of the SWCHRS have the training and expertise to serve as consultant or facilitator on a variety of issues. SWCHRS uses current, research-based methods and pedagogies across disciplines, including intercultural communication, intergroup relations, social psychology, industrial psychology, health and behavioral sciences, multicultural social justice education, sociology, literature, and others. Some areas of expertise and workshops/trainings include:

  • Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation, Intercultural Small Group Facilitation (Train the Trainers)
  • Multicultural/Inclusive Leadership in Interracial and Intercultural Teams, Cross-Gender Teams in both the Public and Private Sectors
  • Intergroup Conflict Management in Organizations (not conflict resolution, but productive conflict that produces perspective taking and innovation in outcomes)
  • Phone Consultations with Subgroups and Teams Dealing with Specific Tasks, Projects, and Contexts (converting from US-based team members to teams including international members)
  • Retention of Underrepresented Students, Employees or Team Members Through Intergroup Identity Development Models
  • Generative Grant Writing that Integrates Diversity Frameworks, Interventions, and Assessments into the Project as Required by Calls for Proposals.