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Seventh Annual C3/SC3 Regional Advisory Boards Meeting

C3 and SC3 are partnering to convene the annual cross-regional advisory board with the goal of receiving input from stakeholders from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma (SC3) and Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri (C3).  This year's theme is "Educational Equity:  Using Evidence-Based Practices to Close Achievement Gaps." 

Planned purposes of this meeting include:

  • Build regional stakeholders’ awareness of evidence-based practices to ensure educational equity and close achievement gaps.
  • Engage regional stakeholders in essential conversations regarding evidence-based practices, closing achievement gaps, and ensuring equity for all students.
  • Cultivate a community of regional stakeholders engaged in continued dialogue to explore policies, practices, and actions to support all learners.

Associated Documents

  1. Agenda
  2. Arkansas - Deep Dive Discussion
  3. Arkansas - Overview
  4. Colorado - Deep Dive Discussion
  5. Colorado - Overview Presentation
  6. Kansas - Overview Presentation and Deep Dive Discussion
  7. Missouri - Deep Dive Discussion
  8. Missouri - Overview Presentation
  9. Oklahoma - Deep Dive Discussion
  10. Oklahoma - Overview Presentation
  11. Resources for Additional Learning
  12. Tabletop Tweet Template - Originally Designed for Student Use
  13. Tabletop Tweet Template - Revised for 2019 C3/SC3 RAB
  14. Tabletop Tweets (Completed) - Educational Equity