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Expert professional development staff will provide on-site,
customized training to meet your goals and needs.

For a quote, please contact us at: 

(405) 799-6383 | 1 (888) 446-7608

Susan Kimmel —
Jennifer Quillian —

Our expert instructional coaches provide high-quality training that takes coaching to the next level.

  • Get solutions to your toughest coaching problems
  • Discover ways to enhance your coaching style to increase teacher effectiveness and improve child outcomes
  • Learn and practice differentiated coaching strategies and techniques that will take your coaching to the next level
  • Analyze various strategies useful for differentiating classroom instruction
  • Effectively implement high-quality interventions that create program sustainability
  • Understand the role of an instructional coach

The Institute’s sessions are specifically designed for coaches of all levels and content areas, birth through grade 12.

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Coaching Innovations

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Instructional Coaching Institute

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            Video             Training

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