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Promoting understanding and cooperation among those of
different racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.

The Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies is a university-based human relations and social justice organization that serves as a catalyst for promoting equity and human rights through education, research, advocacy, and collaboration for both university communities and society at large, transforming people and institutions to ensure opportunities for all.

Promoting Understanding and Cooperation

The Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies (SWCHRS) brings together businesses, education professionals, the media, as well as government, labor, and community-based agencies and organizations to help create equal opportunities in various areas of society.


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SWCHRS is rooted in historical value and leadership in social justice on issues of race, ethnicity, sovereign identities, nationality, migration, class, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, size, and all other diversity domains of human relations.

SWCHRS programs extend beyond schools to intergroup relations training for elected officials, American Indians, journalists and editors, pastors and counselors, law enforcement agencies, and others concerned with human rights.

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The range of the center's activities fall into the four major categories of Education, Research, Public Service, and Consultation.

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The staff and partners of the SWCHRS have the training and expertise to serve as consultant or facilitator on a variety of issues.

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Multicultural Leadership - Perspective Taking and Intercultural/Interracial Conflict Management  - Intercultural Communication - Intercultural/Intergroup Decision-Making Skills