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The Migrant Education KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Migrant Education KnowledgeBase supports educators associated with migrant education programs. It offers information about migrant education programs, regulations, and resources to help educators support the academic success of migrant students.

Task 1: College Assistance Program

Guideline: As noted by the Office of Migrant Education, "The federal College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) assists students who are migratory or seasonal farm workers (or children of such workers) enrolled in their first year of undergraduate studies at an institution of higher education. The funding supports completion of the first year of studies." Educators working with high school age migrant students should be aware of how their students can benefit from this program.




Encuentros Leadership

The Encuentros Leadership website provides information about its programs aimed at encouraging and supporting Latino boys to succeed in school. Though initially supporting Latino boys in northern San Diego (California) County, its programs may serve as an example to teachers, parents, and Latino advocates in other communities.

Excelencia in Education

Excelencia in Education is an information source for Latino educational success. As noted at its website, "Excelencia in Education links research, policy, and practice to inform policymakers and institutional leaders who in turn promote policies and practices that support higher educational achievement for Latino and all students."

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

"The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities represents more than 450 colleges and universities committed to Hispanic higher education success in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Although its member institutions in the U. S. represent less than 10% of all higher education institutions nationwide, together they are home to more than two-thirds of all Hispanic college students."

Mapping Your Future

As noted at its website, "Mapping Your Future is a national collaborative, public-service, nonprofit organization providing career, college, financial aid, and financial literacy services for students, families, and schools." The website also has a Spanish version available.

Migrant Education: College Assistance Migrant Program

This link goes to the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Migrant Education information on the College Assistance Migrant Program. is an online community of College Assistance Migrant Program alumni. "The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a 100% federally-funded grant. only acts as an online referral source."

National HEP/CAMP Association

As noted at its website, "the National HEP/CAMP Association is an organization whose membership is comprised of universities, colleges and non-profit organizations that administer a High School Equivalency Program (HEP) and/or a College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). The Association’s membership is committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of the national HEP and CAMP program, all HEP and CAMP projects, and to disseminating information about HEP and CAMP."

White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans

The Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans provides Hispanic American high school students information on planning for college.

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