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University of Oklahoma Outreach is a lifelong learning organization dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, groups, and communities transform themselves through knowledge.

Latest News

OU Outreach Gazette: Connecting Campus to Communities

Check out the Summer 2023 OU Outreach Gazette: Connecting Campus to Communities.  

During its May meeting, the Oklahoma State Board of Education approved CECPD’s Early Learning Quick Assessment (ELQA) for statewide use as a kindergarten literacy readiness screening instrument.  School districts may now use Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) funds to purchase the ELQA.

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The University of Oklahoma Outreach has received a grant of up to $900,000 from Oklahoma Human Services through the Center for Public Management (CPM) in the College of Continuing Education. This funding is part of the State of Oklahoma's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF.) block grant.

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Public Service and Community

Research and organizational planning, professional development, leadership training, and conference and event support.

Continuing & Higher Education

Diverse programs to help create healthy, engaging, and inclusive communities.

K-12 Education Services

Services for Pre-K - 12 and higher/continuing education to improve systems, support educators, and help learners achieve goals.

Southwest Prevention Center

The Southwest Prevention Center is a catalyst for positive social change committed to preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse and related high-risk behaviors.

American Indian Institute

Providing service to and collaboration with American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations communities.


The NCOREĀ® conference series constitutes the leading and most comprehensive national forum on issues of race and ethnicity in American higher education.

Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies

A university-based human relations and social justice organization that serves as a catalyst for promoting equality and human rights.


OU's public radio station informs people about today's interesting topics and news that affect their daily lives.