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University of Oklahoma Outreach is a lifelong learning organization dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, groups, and communities transform themselves through knowledge.

Latest News

OU Outreach Gazette: Connecting Campus to Communities

Check out the Summer 2023 OU Outreach Gazette: Connecting Campus to Communities.  

Dear Colleagues,

We’re honored to announce the release of Native and Strong Lifeline: The Nation’s First 988 Crisis Line for Indigenous People<>. This success story features the first-ever 988 crisis line for Indigenous callers, run by the Volunteers of America Western Washington.

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During its May meeting, the Oklahoma State Board of Education approved CECPD’s Early Learning Quick Assessment (ELQA) for statewide use as a kindergarten literacy readiness screening instrument.  School districts may now use Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) funds to purchase the ELQA.

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Public Service and Community

Research and organizational planning, professional development, leadership training, and conference and event support.

Continuing & Higher Education

Diverse programs to help create healthy, engaging, and inclusive communities.

K-12 Education Services

Services for Pre-K - 12 and higher/continuing education to improve systems, support educators, and help learners achieve goals.

Southwest Prevention Center

The Southwest Prevention Center is a catalyst for positive social change committed to preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse and related high-risk behaviors.

American Indian Institute

Providing service to and collaboration with American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations communities.


The NCORE® conference series constitutes the leading and most comprehensive national forum on issues of race and ethnicity in American higher education.

Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies

A university-based human relations and social justice organization that serves as a catalyst for promoting equality and human rights.


OU's public radio station informs people about today's interesting topics and news that affect their daily lives.