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Use Expression Cards as a Training Tool

Expression cards allow participants opportunities to introduce themselves in a safe way. Many times at the beginning of a training, participants are reserved and quiet. Expression cards give the trainer the ability to invite participants to introduce themselves to the group in an exciting and different way.

Expression Cards

Trainers can use these cards for participants to talk about their personalities, how they feel about their jobs, or even a memorable experience. Trainers can also use these cards to measure participants' attitudes and involvement during a training session, or use them to allow participants to talk about their perspective of what occurred during an activity.

Examples of ways to use the cards include:

  • Icebreakers: Randomly spread the cards out on a table so that everyone can see them. Invite participants to choose three cards:
  1. a card that represents their personality;
  2. a card that represents how they feel about their job
  3. a card that represents a memorable experience. Once participants have selected their cards, allow each person to show the card to the group and share their reason for selecting that card.
  • A second example of how to use the cards is as a check-in during the training. To find out how participants are feeling about a particular issue, ask them to choose two cards that represent their thoughts or feelings at that moment. Allow time for discussion in the group.
  • A third way to use the cards is as a closing activity. Ask participants to choose a card that describes their perspective of what occurred during a certain activity. Allow time for discussion and feedback.

Each deck includes 52 cards with full-color pictures and one card with suggestions on how to use the cards. A deck of expression cards costs $15, plus tax in the state of Oklahoma, as well as shipping and handling.

To purchase, email ETTQ or call (405) 819-8428