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Believe in the Possibilities

Since 1990, the Training and Development Certificate Programs have been helping to prepare human resource development professionals increase skills and competencies needed for their jobs. The certificate programs reflect the latest research. There are now two new certificate programs developed specifically for your level of experience.


Designed for the new or unskilled trainer seeking professional competence.


Designed for those looking to help solve organizational performance issues.

Benefits of Earning a Training and Development Certificate

In the certificate program, you will:

  • Learn current ATD-identified training competencies and areas of expertise 
  • Practice training development and delivery skills 
  • Design and develop training that meets your organization's needs 
  • Learn and apply performance improvement interventions 
  • Evaluate and promote performance improvement results

The Certificate of Achievement 

Many organizations recognize the need for competency-based training beyond formal education and on-the-job experience. As a training professional, you will need to continually develop and update your skills to remain current with the workplace and with issues that affect you and your organization's productivity.

Requirements for the Certificate 

  • Full attendance at all four days of the program. 
  • Some evening work during the program 
  • Homework assignment to be completed during class 

Learning Through Experience 

Coursework is designed and delivered so that the learners learn by application as much as possible. Participants are grouped in small teams, and exercises, discussions, and case studies are carried out in these teams, enhancing the learning process. 

Instructional Faculty 

The Training and Development Certificate Program courses are taught by instructors who have demonstrated skills and experience in training and organization development. Many are alumni of the program, and every instructor maintains a personal career plan for their own professional growth and development. Instructors include university faculty, private consultants, and corporate and government trainers.