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Professional Development

OU Outreach has partnered with MindEdge, which was founded by Harvard and MIT educators in 1998.  MindEdge Learning has spent the past decade developing content and courses that balance academic excellence with real-world practice.  Their comprehensive catalog offers professional development courses and certificates for busy professionals.  The courses are affordable, engaging, and offer professionals the skills they need to succeed in the competitive job market by helping learners improve their comprehension, build skills and competencies, and ensure mastery of concepts, ideas, and knowledge.

Team Quest (Executive Training)

Team Quest equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective. Their unique approach addresses the needs of adult learners through training experiences that incorporate action learning exercises, self-assessments, focused discussions, and engaging classroom instruction.

National Center for Disability Education and Training

The goal of the National Center for Disability Education and Training (NCDET) is to improve independent living, employment, and career opportunities for people with disabilities, thereby enhancing their lives and the communities in which they live. Through model programs, NCDET demonstrates that youth and adults with disabilities can be successfully employed.