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Develop Consulting Skills

Designed for individuals who are looking for a broader set of skills to help solve organizational performance and learning issues.

This program offers skills development in expanding your role as a trainer, facilitating organizational change and applying training business tools. The classes are practical, using simulations, case studies, and action-prompting exercises to make learning both productive and fun.

Facilitating Organizational Change

Trainers with experience recognize that not every problem is a training problem. In this course, you will assume a role and be given a set of organizational issues and challenges and, with your team, you will explore and look into what is really happening. You will conduct a front-end analysis, practice questioning and feedback skills, and explore and select proper interventions that align with organizational goals as an internal consultant.


Expanding Your Role As a Trainer

As you complete this course, you will be encouraged to try on the hats of coach, facilitator, and interviewer. Skills that have made you successful in the training room will apply to uncovering and solving organizational problems. Building on your knowledge of adult learning, the roles will allow you to take your training skills to the next level.


June 17-18 & 20-21, 2024

Norman, Oklahoma

Cost and Registration

Applying Business Tools to Training

Training skills are often not enough. This course will help you add value to the organization by learning how to apply measurement tools, such as cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, and individual development plans. You will also be exposed to new training technologies and tips for managing outsourcing. 

Suggested Profile of the Experienced Trainer 

  • Participant three to five years (or more) of training experience 
  • Has strength in teaching several topics 
  • Member of a professional association (NSA, ATD, other) 
  • Has had some experience designing curriculum and conducting needs analysis, although not necessarily an expert 
  • Primary job role involves training 
  • Spends at least 20 percent of time (one day a week) conducting training workshops 
  • Interested in how training links to larger organizational issues 
  • Has moved up into some management/leadership roles 
  • Looking to expand career 
  • Has passion for learning, performance 
  • Has displayed basic understanding of skills and competencies of emerging trainer