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For the New or Less Experienced Trainers Seeking Professional Competence

The competencies you will learn are validated by research conducted by the American Society of Training and Development (ATD). Using experiential learning as a primary instructional tool, these courses are led by experienced trainers who want to share their knowledge and talent. Each course is designed to be interactive, practical, and fun.

How will you benefit from attending a Accelerated Training Certificate Program? 

For the New or Unskilled Trainer seeking professional competence: 

  • Learn the specific techniques needed to address the needs of adult learners 
  • Learn to assess both the skills and the needs of your employees 
  • Learn to organize your content into an effective curriculum 
  • Learn the presentation skills needed to entertain while educating 
  • Learn how to facilitate the learning process and assess the effectiveness of your training


April 30 - May 3, 2024

Norman, Oklahoma

Cost and Registration

From the moment you start this class - 

  • You will be learning about adult learning and training theories and techniques. 
  • You will learn how to do a performance gap analysis, a needs assessment, and how to align performance improvement strategies with organizational goals. 
  • You will acquire the skills you need to design, develop, and evaluate effective training in an organization.

Using realistic scenarios that you develop, 

  • You will learn how to design individual and group training materials, and select appropriate instructional delivery strategies.
  • You will examine a range of instructional aids and audio visual tools. 

Using a variety of icebreakers, exercises, and other experiential techniques, 

  • You will learn and apply presentation skills, questioning, and feedback skills and how to deliver training. 
  • You practice in leading reflective discussions, promoting collaborative learning, and asking effective questions. 

Suggested Profile of the New Trainer Participant

  • Less than three years of training experience 
  • Has extensive knowledge of a subject and/or technical skills 
  • May not currently consider training as a profession or career 
  • Primary job function in the past may not have involved training, although it may have involved teaching in a formal setting 
  • Has the personal desire or the organizational assignment to become a full-time or part-time trainer 
  • Little knowledge or experience designing training curriculum or conducting needs analysis 
  • Eager to network with others to discover resource materials and techniques 
  • Interested in developing design and delivery skills 
  • Has not had formal training education