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Task 1: Appreciate Adolescent Peer Culture

Guideline: Peer influence plays a major role in the life of adolescent students. Getting along with others is important to students of all ages. The effect is most apparent as students enter adolescence through their teen years, carrying over to how they perform in school and other social situations. It is important for middle and high school teachers to possess an awareness of such effects.



Adolescent Peer Culture Overview

This article at offers differing viewpoints on the impact of adolescent peer culture. This resource may be useful for teachers when responding to questions from parents.


Adolescent Peer Culture: Parents

This article at provides an overview of parents' role in helping their adolescent deal with peer influences.


Friendships, Peer Influence and Peer Pressure During Teen Years

This University of Nebraska Extension publication offers an overview of friendships, peer influence and peer pressure during the teen years. Understanding teen peer influence may help teachers and parents support teens better.


Status of Adolescent Peer Groups Plays Role In Understanding Groups Influence On Early Teen Behavior

This Science Daily news article reviews a research study showing how the peer group to which a teen belongs affects his/her behavior. The referenced study was originally published in the July/August 2007 issue of Child Development, Vol. 78, Issue 4, Peer Group Status as a Moderator of Group Influence on Children's Deviant, Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior by Ellis, WE, and Zarbatany, L (the University of Western Ontario).