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Task 2: Appreciate Stages of Adolescence

Guideline: Adolescence is a period of physical, cognitive and psycho-social development. Each stage impacts adolescent student behavior, relationships with others and performance in school. It is important for middle- and high school teachers to possess an awareness of such influences.




Adolescence: Developmental Tasks

This article at lists eight developmental tasks through which adolescents evolve as they develop and mature.


Adolescent Growth and Development

This article from the Virginia Cooperative Extension discusses adolescent growth and development from the perspective of "Physical Development," "Cognitive Development" and "Psycho-Social Development."


Cognitive Development

This link to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center website provides information on changes in cognitive development during early, middle and late adolescence.


Stages of Adolescent Development

This chart summarizes the stages of adolescent development addressing early, middle and late adolescence. It was adapted from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent's Facts for Families and provided by the Early Head Start National Resource Center.