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Writing Successful Grants KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Writing Successful Grants KnowledgeBase is an online resource aiding education professionals in their pursuit of public and private grants to support local programs. Its five elements contain information and resources that assist the grant seeker with developing their project, writing the grant proposal and managing the grant upon its award.

Task 3: Define the Roles of Interventional Staff Members

Guideline: Interventional staff members may have titles such as Intervention Teacher, Reading Teacher, Reading/Literacy/Instructional Coach and/or Curriculum Specialist. Regardless of the specific role and position title, the aim is to provide support mechanisms enabling the content area teachers to incorporate related strategies into their subject matter focus. Possessing an awareness of the issues associated with adolescent literacy enables the interventional staff members to assist the content area teachers.



The Role and Qualifications of the Reading Coach in the United States

This is a link to the International Reading Association (IRA) policy statement on the role and qualifications of the reading coach. As noted at the IRA website, "this position statement defines the role of the reading coach, describes what a reading coach should know and be able to do and provides recommendations for policymakers, school administrators, reading specialists, reading coaches and classroom teachers."


Standards for Middle and High School Literacy Coaches

This link is to the International Reading Association's information about standards for middle and high school literacy coaches.



Instructional Coaches

The September 2007 Issue Brief, from the former Center for Comprehensive School Reform, titled "Instructional Coaches" reviews instructional coaching and elements to look for when selecting, preparing and evaluating coaches.