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Early Language & Literacy KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Early Language and Literacy KnowledgeBase is an online resource supporting language and literacy development in early learners from birth through age eight. Its focus is to support parents and caregivers in helping early learners with their language and literacy development, and teachers in enhancing their instruction for early learners from pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Task 1: Early Identification and Intervention

Guideline: Educators of early learners should be attuned to early learners struggling with their language and literacy development. Progress through the developmental stages will vary for each child. Early identification techniques, assessments, and interventions are important tools to help early learners with their language and literacy development. This task provides resources focusing on early identification and intervention.



Catch Them Before They Fall: Identification and Assessment to Prevent Reading Failure in Young Children

This link to the seminal article by Dr. Joseph Torgesen explains the assessment process and reviews commonly used assessment tools designed to be used to prevent reading failure.


Classroom Reading Instruction That Supports Struggling Readers: Key Components for Effective Teaching

This link to the RTI Action Network provides an article identifying five components of effective instruction for struggling readers.


Screening for Reading Problems in Grades 1 Through 3: An Overview of Select Measures

This RTI Action Network article describes four screening processes used to identify students at risk for reading problems. It provides a list of screening measures schools might consider using for students in grades 1-3.


Screening for Reading Problems in Preschool and Kindergarten

This RTI Action Network article describes screening for reading problems in preschool and kindergarten early learners. It also identifies a number of early reading screening assessments.


What Works for Early Language and Literacy Development: Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Programs and Intervention Strategies

This Child Trends Fact Sheet reviews fifteen experimentally-evaluated programs and intervention strategies that were primarily focused on improving early language and literacy skills.