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Early Language & Literacy KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Early Language and Literacy KnowledgeBase is an online resource supporting language and literacy development in early learners from birth through age eight. Its focus is to support parents and caregivers in helping early learners with their language and literacy development, and teachers in enhancing their instruction for early learners from pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Task 2: State Early Childhood Standards

Guideline: Educators of early learners should be aware of the early learning guidelines or standards of their state. This task provides resources providing information about state early learning guidelines or standards.




Early Learning Guidelines - Standards

The Early Learning Guidelines - Standards website provides information for state committees writing or revising early learning standards or guidelines. The project is operated by the University of North Carolina Greensboro and Teachers College Columbia University.


Early Learning Standards: Results from a National Survey to Document Trends in State-Level Policies and Practices

This article from the Early Childhood Research and Practice Journal reports on the result of 2005 survey in conjunction with the Council of Chief State School Officers to assess the state of early learning standards issued by the states. Though historical in nature this article may provide useful information on the development of state early learning standards for educators of early learners.



Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers: Recommendations for States

This link is to a Zero to Three document containing recommendation for states on early learning guidelines for infants and toddlers. As noted in the documents introductory paragraphs, “Zero to Three offers these recommendations as a framework to states seeking to create useful guidelines.”


State Early Learning Guidelines/Standards

This resource provides links to each state department of education's early learning guidelines or standards.