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Early Language & Literacy KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Early Language and Literacy KnowledgeBase is an online resource supporting language and literacy development in early learners from birth through age eight. Its focus is to support parents and caregivers in helping early learners with their language and literacy development, and teachers in enhancing their instruction for early learners from pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Task 1: The Role of Caregivers as the Child's First Teachers

Guideline: A child's caregivers in the role of first teachers assist and support the child's cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. A caregiver may be a child's parent, grandparent, child care provider, early childhood teacher, and/or other significant family members. It is important for parents, supporting caregivers, and educators of young children to understand this familial role. This task provides resources explaining the role of parents and family caregivers as first teachers.




Parents Are Their Child's First Teachers

This link to the Learning Disabilities Association of America website provides a fact sheet explaining to parents the importance of 15 minutes of – equality time – with their young child every day to enhance their child's development.


The Magic in Books-How to Read with Children

This Cooperative Extensive Service publication from the University of Nevada-Reno provides suggestions on how to read with children. Parents, caregivers, and educators of early learners may find its content useful.



Born Learning

Born Learning is a public engagement campaign undertaken by the United Way of America aimed at helping parents, caregivers and communities create quality early learning opportunities for young children. The website provides information on early learning opportunities for young learners.


Helping Your Preschool Child

This U.S. Department of Education Guide provides information for parents about activities for children from infancy through age 5. A Spanish version is also available.


The Family: America's Smallest School

In this ETS Policy Information Center report, The Family: America's Smallest School, ETS researchers Paul E. Barton and Richard J. Coley outline the family and home conditions affecting children’s cognitive development and school achievement and how gaps beginning early persist throughout life. This website provides access to the full report, press conference briefing videos, a press briefing slide presentation, and press release.


Zero to Three

This link to the Zero to Three website provides professionals, policymakers, and parents with information supporting the development of young children birth to age three.