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Positive Learning Climates KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Positive Learning Climates KnowledgeBase is an online resource to aid educators in nurturing school climates conducive to learning. It is organized around five elements aimed at developing a positive learning climate.

Task 1: Get Organized for Data Collection

Guideline: A school and community snapshot is a collection of data sorted and analyzed to convey useful information. Misdirected data collection efforts can be costly in wasted time and misinformation they might provide. It is best first to prepare, focus on the task and then collect the data. The resources provided offer basic information the school staff members need to get organized for data collection efforts.




Checklist for Survey Design

Surveys are a useful tool for gathering people's perceptions, preferences and beliefs on many topics. This checklist provides basic guidance on effective survey design.

Checklist of Possible Stakeholders

A broad range of stakeholders should be involved in the improvement process. This checklist may help the improvement team identify stakeholders in its community.

Data Collection Checklists - Collecting Data

This checklist provides guidance in organizing data collection efforts.


Collecting and Using Data

This resource provides an overview of the U.S. Department of Education's handbook "Safety in Numbers: Collecting and Using Crime, Violence and Discipline Incident Data to Make a Difference in Schools," along with a link to the complete document. The handbook defines a comprehensive data system for collecting incident data and identifies issues associated with making such a system work.

Data Collection Considerations

This resource from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Evaluation Handbook provides a list of things to consider when deciding upon data collection methods and instruments.

Practical Tips

Advantages and Drawbacks of Various Data Collection Procedures

This chart compares the pros and cons of eight data collection methods.

Helpful Hints for Conducting a Focus Group

This Central Connecticut State University resource provides helpful hints for conducting a focus group.


Data and Information Sources

This resource provides a list of federal agencies offering data and information about children and youth related to abuse, health, juvenile crime, substance abuse and school-related violence.

Overview of Data Collection Procedures

This document provides an overview of six data collection techniques that can be useful in profiling the school.

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