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Positive Learning Climates KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Positive Learning Climates KnowledgeBase is an online resource to aid educators in nurturing school climates conducive to learning. It is organized around five elements aimed at developing a positive learning climate.

Task 5: Locate Resources for Professional Learning

Guideline: Strategies for promoting a positive learning climate should include related professional learning activities. The principal can strive to coordinate those needs within the scope of the school's overall professional learning program. Such efforts should address the impact of student behavior on academic achievement. This is an area where technical assistance can be helpful in identifying and implementing proven professional learning methods.



Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools

As noted at its website, "this eight hour Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools course is a short and 'easy to take' web-based course that focuses on multi-hazard emergency planning for schools. It is offered by FEMA's Emergency Management Institute as an independent study program."



Breakfast Club

Chronicled by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, the Breakfast Club concept developed at the Adams School in Chicago illustrates one approach to making time for professional development.

Create Time for Professional Development

This resource from the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory's Pathways to School Improvement lists nine strategies for creating time for professional development. 

Finding Time for Staff Training and Collaboration

This document identifies a variety of ideas districts and schools have used to find time for professional learning and collaboration.

Superintendent Provides Structure and Time for Staff Development

A district superintendent describes his philosophy of staff development and how he helped to implement it in a large suburban Chicago high school.

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