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Teacher Leader KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase archive includes content and external links that were accurate and relevant as of September 30, 2019.

The Teacher Leader KnowledgeBase aims to raise awareness of the teacher leader role at the district level and to support teachers aspiring to the teacher leader role through master's degree-level university programs.

Task 2: Identify Financial Resources for Professional Learning

Guideline: District staff members, principals and teachers in leadership roles should be aware of financial resources available to support professional learning. Government funds may be available for school education programs and their associated requirements through federal and state resources. Additionally, private grants may be available. District staff members, principals and teachers in leadership roles should be aware of these possibilities and encourage staff members to explore possible grants in their programmatic planning. This task provides resources to identify potential financial resources.





Glossary of Philanthropy-Related Terms

This link to the Foundation Center website provides a glossary of philanthropy-related terminology.

This link to the website provides a list of grants available to schools organized by category, including grants from the federal and state levels.

NEA Foundation - Grants to Educators

This link is to information about the NEA Foundation's grants to educators. As noted at the NEA website, grants are available to individual educators to fund "high-quality professional development experiences" or to groups for "collegial study, including study groups, action research, lesson study or mentoring experiences for faculty or staff new to an assignment."

Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center

This link is to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service's Tax Benefits for Education Information Center.

The Writing Successful Grants KnowledgeBase

This KnowledgeBase provides resources to help districts, schools and others write a grant application with the greatest possible chance of success.