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About Us

University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management 

The Center for Public Management was born as part of the University of Oklahoma’s commitment to serve the community. When it was established in 1994, the emphasis was on helping Oklahoma state agencies meet their needs for federally-mandated training. The project began as a live, interactive, satellite-based training system designed to deliver training to Oklahoma counties statewide. CPM does business with public sector entities efficiently and affordably. CPM has the ability to draw upon the vast resources of the university’s staff and faculty to deliver cost-effective, customer-oriented solutions. 

The mission of the Center for Public Management is to transform lives through knowledge by providing highly-effective and customized solutions enabling our partner organizations to fulfill their mission. This mission is embodied in an organizational culture driven by integrity, commitment, resourcefulness, collaboration, and relationships.  

The design of the university partnership is to bring the strengths and core service areas of CPM to enhance overall services and deliverables of our customers. CPM provides comprehensive solutions to support business functions, programs, and deliverables. 

The Center for Public Management has expanded its service capacity since its establishment in 1994 to six core categories.

Mission Statement

Fostering a Higher Quality of life by working together with the public sector to optimize services.

CPM Core Service Areas 

Training and Development 

  • Curriculum and Instructional Design 
  • Facilitation and Delivery 
  • Online and Multimedia Learning Development 

Consulting and Organizational Development 

  • Workforce Development 
  • Strategic Planning 


  • Application and System Development 
  • Custom Tools 
  • User Acceptance Testing 
  • Web Design 
  • Continued/Ongoing support of applications, systems, web pages, and custom tools

Information, Outreach, and Support Services 

  • Call Center Management and Operations 
  • Community and Business Outreach Efforts 
  • Help Desk Support 

Research and Analysis 

  • Data Collection and Analysis 
  • Project and Program Evaluation 

Project and Program Management 

  • Documentation, Planning, Coordination, Management, and Evaluation

Contact Us

Center for Public Management

University of Oklahoma
OU Outreach
300 Kellogg Drive
Norman, OK 73072

Phone (405) 325-0519
Fax (405) 325-7139