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Our Purpose

Helping Indigenous Nations of North America strengthen their existing capacity to ensure sustainable, healthy, and culturally vibrant communities for the generations to come.

Child performs in Native American Stomp Dance.

About the American Indian Institute

The American Indian Institute (Aii) was established in 1951 at the University of Oklahoma as a nonprofit Native American service, training, and research organization. Aii is a department within the University of Oklahoma's Division of Public and Community Services in OU Outreach. We provide outreach services and form collaborative partnerships with American Indian, Alaska Native, and Canadian First Nation tribes and bands. 

Core Values

With more than 65 years of experience working throughout Indian Country, Aii offers outreach following our Guideposts.

Aii Guideposts: Contemporary Issues, Education, and Learning Resources

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Education – Lifelong Learning
  • Art, Culture, and Language Preservation
  • Executive Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Environmental Protection, Land Rights and Human Rights
  • Wellness – Balanced Living – Planting Seeds for Future Generations 

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