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Prevention Activites

Nee-Kon'-Nah Time © prevention activities are designed for use with three to five-year-old children in American Indian head start and preschool programs.

The curriculum is designed to reinforce and extend the overall goals of Head Start in ways that are appropriate to American Indian communities. Nee-Kon'-Nah Time© Prevention Activities for Preschoolers is a series of ready to use activities that support the Indian Head Start child within the context of family and community. Activities assist the head start child in building individual strength and self esteem through recognition and validation of their feelings, supporting them through positive feedback, promoting appropriate self-help skills and building a base of communication and friendship making skills that will assist their future learning.

The curriculum combines structure and flexibility. Each of the 62 activities include the presentation of skills or information helpful to the development of the young child.

The objective for each lesson clearly states what is to be accomplished by the children in the program upon completion of the activity. Most of the materials required for an effective Nee-Kon'-Nah Time© lesson presentation are items that are easily obtained from available resources at a head start or preschool program. Usually, the lessons require little preparation.

The bibliography provides a listing of materials that were referred to in the development of this curriculum. The bibliography includes a children's literature section for children and another for adult enjoyment and reference.

The Nee-Kon'-Nah Time© prevention curriculum is available for purchase from the American Indian Institute. Training for American Indian Head Start and preschool teachers and administrators in the use of the curriculum's 62 lessons/activities is also available.

For more information on ordering this curriculum, please contact:

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