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Join us as an Aii Exhibitor, Sponsor, or Partner!

Dr. Nina BarbeeI’m Dr. Nina Barbee, Proud Member of the Choctaw Nation, and Director of the American Indian Institute (Aii) at University of Oklahoma Outreach/College of Continuing Education. Aii has more than 65 years of service to and collaborations with American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations communities – Indigenous Peoples.

The Aii Community is comprised of diverse individuals, groups, and organizations including:

Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, tribal elders and partners, health organizations, public health and science researchers, allies, advocates, traditional healers and storytellers, social workers, counselors, educators, students, primary health care, behavioral health, public health, prevention, and community outreach professionals, wellness leaders, nutritionists, anthropologists, and many more!

We host some of the largest and most meaningful events across the country. Aii provides education, resources, networking opportunities, and connections for our diverse communities. Our mission focuses on honoring Indigenous ways of knowing and being, health, wellness, and balanced living. We address contemporary issues in Indian Country and beyond while engaging, interacting, and inspiring each other as we learn together.

Let’s chat and create a Benefits Package that fits YOU! Please email or call me.

Yakoke (Thank you). Together We Thrive!

Nina Barbee, PhD
Proud Member of the Choctaw Nation
Director, American Indian Institute (Aii)
Director, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
University of Oklahoma Outreach/College of Continuing Education

Phone: (405) 361-5720

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Rorex Bridges Studio

Rorex-Bridges Studio
5905 W 103rd St S
Oktaha, OK 74450
(918) 683-9366


These two women working together on an important day of the year…It is time to make Hominy! This was hard work but a good time to visit friends. They are carrying the cast iron hominy pot, filled with hand-shelled field corn, over to the fire where it will be cooked for hours in lye water until the skins start to loosen. They will rinse the corn several times to remove the lye. It will then be preserved for the winter. It is difficult work but worth it!

Mothers of the Earth


The women in this painting seem to blend into the snow, into the woods, and into the earth. Mothers of the Earth is a painting that draws you into the feelings you imagine the mothers are having.

Ancestral Protection


The memory of the Trail of Tears is forever. The proud Cherokee people were driven and deprived but were never defeated. The memories, the strength, and the pride of the ancestors are held onto in the descendants, the children. The young mother realizes as she holds her child, she is protecting the hopes and beliefs of those strong people on the Trail of Tears.

Red Trail Road


The Cherokee family are following what they trust is the Red Road— for protection, for health, for love of each other and for love of God— the Right Path of Life.

NYU Office of Global Inclusion

Performance Dashboard

"At Performance Dashboard we provide ANALYTICS, STRATEGY, COACHING on performance that matters. We help leaders and organizations solve their performance problems."

Dr. Cappy Leland, Founder and CEO

Dr. Leland has over 25 years of professional experience in organizational development, performance management, cultural change initiatives, and building high performing work teams. Cappy founded Performance Dashboard in January 2001.

Thank You to Our Exhibitors!

Good Tree Natural Health

Good Tree Natural Health
501 E 9th St. Ada, OK 74820

Good Tree

“Our body has an innate ability for healing. If we support the weakened systems by providing the building blocks and removing the offending factors, we can stimulate that healing process.”  - Dr. Carmen Jones

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We the People Consulting, LLC

 We The People Consulting
301 SW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109
 (405) 531-0256
Contact us @
FB: @wethepeopleconsulting  

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Sponsorship Opportunities

To create a sponsorship package that fits you, please contact Nina Barbee at:

Phone: (405) 361-5720

For questions about payment, contact Registration and Records:

ATTN: American Indian Institute (Aii)
1700 Asp Avenue Room B-1
Norman, OK 73072
T: (405) 325-6034 Michelle Bassham


We have learned that our Sponsors appreciate the opportunity to customize benefits packages that are the best fit for them.

Sponsorships start at $1,000 – depending on the options you choose – and support Keynote Speakers, Educational Resources, Event Production, Programming, and Training. 

  • Examples of Benefits include, but are not limited to:
    • Recognition as a Sponsor during plenary session  
    • Complimentary registrations for the MicroConference (value: $175 each)
    • Welcome Video from tribe or organization (30-60 seconds)
    • Logo and branding on website and conference slides
    • Full color advertisement in digital program (1/2 page)
    • Recognized as a Keynote Speaker Sponsor
    • Recorded presentation (one minute) during the MicroConference Closing
    • Mission statement, photos, ads, video clip, links in digital program and on website
    • Social Media Promotion: Logo on Social Media posts – thousands of followers
    • Email Flyer Promotion weekly distribution including our partners (thousands)
    • Inclusion in one special feature Aii Newsletter: From the Director’s Pen
    • Logo on weekly flyers


Opportunities for educational programming, customized continuing education, professional development, and technical training and assistance are available. The possibilities are limitless!


In-Kind and Monetary donations are greatly appreciated.