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Create Healthy, Safe Communities Through the Power of Prevention

The Southwest Prevention Center (SWPC), a department of University of Oklahoma Outreach, serves as a catalyst for positive social change and is committed to the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse and related high-risk behaviors. Spanning more than a decade, SWPC has a rich history providing prevention information, training, technical assistance, and prevention resource system development with clients across a multi-state region.

SWPC's Mission

Our mission is to be a dynamic resource dedicated to building safe and healthy communities through shared knowledge, skill, and capacity development.

SWPC's Beliefs:

  • People support what they help create
  • Skilled, knowledgeable local people best solve local problems
  • Evidence guides effective practice

SWPC's Values:

  • Believe in the power of prevention
  • Provide the highest quality technical assistance and training
  • Help people and communities help themselves
  • Serve as an agent of change through innovation and learning