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Committed to Evidence-Based Prevention of
Substance Misuse and Substance Use Disorders

A Dynamic Resource

Housed within OU Outreach since 1987, SWPC has provided prevention information, training, technical assistance, and resource system development in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Creating healthy, safe communities through the power of prevention

SWPC follows a public health approach to prevention, using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) as a guide to plan, implement, and evaluate practices and programs. We rely on the most current prevention science research and literature, along with best practices from the field, to identify prevention needs and offer comprehensive solutions that result in healthy and safe communities.

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Originally streamed January 23, 2020, 1:30 p.m.

Abigail Echo-Hawk, MA (Pawnee), was born in the heart of Alaska where she was raised in the traditional values of giving, respect for all and love. Ms. Echo-Hawk currently serves as the Director of the Urban Indian Health Institute, and the Chief Research Officer at the Seattle Indian Health Board. Urban Indian Health Institute is a Tribal Epidemiology Center that serves tribal people currently living off tribal lands nationwide. In addition, in UIHI’s role as the National Coordinating Center for Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country, she also works with approximately 100 tribal nations. Her work incorporates these core principles and activities: engagement and participation of community partners; research and evaluation on health, healthcare, and other community priorities; education, training, and capacity-building for Native people, including researchers, students, and communities; infrastructure development; technical assistance; and sharing results in a way that recognizes and respects the unique cultural contexts of American Indian and Alaska Native people. In these roles she also works with American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and organizations to identify health research priorities and with health researchers to ensure research is done in a manner that respects tribal sovereignty and is culturally appropriate.




SWPC strives to be a dynamic resource dedicated to building safe and healthy communities through shared knowledge, skill, and capacity development.

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service

Responsible Beverage Sales and Service

Alcohol Law Changes Required Training for Licenesees

Recent changes to the Oklahoma Alcohol laws require that licensees attend an ABLE Commission-approved server training program. OU Southwest Prevention Center provides the State Sponsored Free Training (The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services) Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Training. Classes are held monthly or by appointment. Contact the Regional Prevention Coordinator to register for an upcoming class.

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Safe Storage and Disposal of Medications

Are your RX medications safe and secure?

SWPC strongly urges individuals to properly store their over-the-counter and prescription medications out of the reach of children, family, and guests in a secure medication lock box, closet, or cabinet. 

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List of Disposal Locations

Medication Safety

Get involved

Coalitions Working for Healthy Communities

Want to Get Involved?

Do you love your community? Do you want to create a place that doesn’t just exist, but thrives? Please consider sharing your time and talents in one of our four coalitions in Cleveland and McClain counties. Each is working to promote health and wellness by preventing alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, as well as other high-risk behaviors. Coalitions meet regularly in Norman, Noble, Blanchard, Purcell, and Newcastle. Volunteering is fun and free, and a healthy and safe community starts with you. Get involved today!

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Overdose Reversal Drugs are Available

Free Narcan/Naloxone Kits are Available to Those in Need

If you or someone you care about uses opioids, overdose is possible. The Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health Center is a Naloxone Hub Distribution Site that provides FREE opioid overdose-reversal kits to anyone. Picking up the kit involves receiving instructions on how to use naloxone on yourself or others and requires completing a brief, anonymous survey. This program is provided by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Services.

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Overdose Prevention

We Believe in the Power of Prevention

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As a regional PTTC, SWPC leverages resources to develop and deliver research-backed T/TA services for states within Health and Human Services Regions VI and VII. 

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SWPC is funded by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework across Cleveland and McClain Counties as the Regional Prevention Coordinator (RPC) for Region 8. 

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Many local and national resources and initiatives exist to help in alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention efforts. This list of resources will help you find information on substances of abuse, campaigns, organizations, data, planning tools, and online trainings.

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