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Innovation and School Improvement

As noted in the Innovative Teaching and Learning Research: 2011 Findings and Implications report from Microsoft’s Partners in Learning initiative, "Innovative teaching practices are more likely to flourish when particular supportive conditions are in place. These conditions include:

  • Teacher collaboration that focuses on peer support and the sharing of teaching practices,
  • Professional development that involves the active and direct engagement of teachers, particularly in practicing and researching new teaching methods, and
  • A school culture that offers a common vision of innovation as well as consistent support that encourages new types of teaching."

Continuous school improvement and rapid school improvement strategies rely on evidence-based practices as well as innovations in teaching and learning. For all students to be ready for college and careers, it is imperative that all schools attain excellence. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) states, "For all students to thrive in the classroom, in college, and in a career, our educational system must continuously develop and embrace the very best practices, policies, and ideas."

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