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EDUTAS uses customized coaching practices to support project and individual needs. Our expert practitioners and skilled facilitators provide executive, cognitive, instructional, systems, and transformational short- or long-term coaching. Our coaching model has been influenced by Dr. Jim Knight’s Coaching Cycle and features role playing conversations that incorporate effective feedback.

EDUTAS staff members and consultants have coached leaders at all levels of organizations, in both confidential, individual relationships and in small group structures. Our coaches engage leaders in meaningful dialogue as partners in setting goals, leading and communicating change, identifying and implementing best practices, and determining next steps for success. Coaches provide leaders with actionable, specific feedback, focused on evidence of practice.

EDUTAS can design a customized coaching package for your district or school. Contact us for more information.


Executive Coaching: In one state agency, EDUTAS staff members meet bi-weekly with the Chief of Staff, monthly with cross-divisional teams, bi-monthly with cabinet-level and middle managers, and as needed with other project leaders. Coaching sessions include strategies such as deep questioning on how practices support agency vision and goals, review of outputs and outcomes, recommendations for course adjustments, and plans for changes in practice. By coaching for leadership at all levels of the organizational chart, potential leaders are identified and mentored early, goals and desires of senior leadership are reinforced throughout the agency, and problems are addressed within a low-risk framework for support and improvement.

Transformational Coaching: Moving UP, EDUTAS’s feature program for supporting assistant and early career principals, leverages leadership coaching to enhance professional learning experiences and practice. Leadership coaches facilitate participant reflection on new content and partner with participants to set goals for implementation. With a focus on collaborative leadership and collective efficacy, Moving UP participants are becoming instructional leaders with the support of their coaches and their participant teams. Coaches provide tools and processes for participants to clearly articulate school-based issues and find appropriate solutions using a Problems of Practice group approach.