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EDUTAS designed, delivered, and managed Moving UP, a series of evidence-based professional learning opportunities aimed to prepare assistant and early career principals for the complex challenges facing today’s school leaders. Our fortified program is focused on instructional leadership skills and competencies that develop collective teacher, leader, and stakeholder efficacy to improve student outcomes.

Among school-related factors of influence on student learning, leadership is second only to teaching (Louis, Leithwood, Wahlstrom, & Anderson, 2010); therefore, EDUTAS is committed to making this program available for as many aspiring leaders as possible. To date, we have delivered Moving UP to four cohorts of more than 100 Oklahoma school leaders in collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE). A fifth cohort, slated for 2020-21, is in development. 

If you are interested in joining Cohort 6, contact us for more information.

Each Moving UP cohort has included 5 or 6 face-to-face sessions, an online learning network, individual and small group leadership coaching, and site visits that engaged participants in approximately 75 hours of professional learning.

  • Cohort 1 featured subject matter experts Aaron Butler, Donna Warthan, and Alicia Espinoza from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and Mark Williams from the Center on Innovations in Learning. 
  • Cohort 2 featured expert and practitioner Peter DeWitt, author of Collaborative Leadership: Six Influences That Matter Most, School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy, and Coach it Further: Using the Art of Coaching to Improve School Leadership.
  • Cohort 3 featured Jenni Donohoo, author of Collective Efficacy: How Educators Beliefs Impact Student Learning.
  • Cohort 4 again featured Jenni Donohoo and examined leadership through the lens of equity, using Donohoo's Collective Efficacy,her recently released Quality Implementation, and DeWitt's Collaborative Leadership.

EDUTAS can customize its signature leadership development work to meet the needs and budgets of states, districts, and schools. Contact us for more information.



“The impact this program had on my leadership style is so great that I don’t know where to begin. I am no longer in the building, but I am using strategies at the district level. ‘Collective efficacy,’ ‘collaborative leadership,’ and ‘instructional impact’ are common words I speak and are starting to be the vocabulary of my instructional team.… I tell every new principal or assistant principal who is looking for support to check it out because it was life changing for me (and I get a call from my friends that are in Cohort 4 after every session just on fire with what they’re learning now)!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!” – Kristin Henness, cohort 2 participant

Hear more from Cohort 4 participant