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The Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD) and the Education Training, Assessment, and Measurement (E-TEAM) departments of the Public and Community Services Division of the University of Oklahoma Outreach developed the first iteration of the Early Literacy Quick Assessment (ELQA) in 2003 for teachers participating in our Early Reading First (ERF) grants. The original paper and pencil, “teacher-friendly” ELQA was implemented by over 100 teachers with phenomenal success. The teachers were excited to have a simple, easy-to-use formative assessment to help them monitor their children’s progress. As we progressed toward the end of our final ERF grant, we used the hardcopy tool as a starting point to build a software program to assist teachers in assessing and using the results from the assessments to differentiate their instruction. The ELQA software was developed during the 2009-2010 school year. The ELQA web application was launched in August 2014.

We gratefully acknowledge the team of contributors to the Early Literacy Quick Assessment (ELQA). Belinda Biscoe, PhD, Interim Senior Associate Vice President, University Outreach, developed the early literacy grants that provided the genesis of the ELQA and has provided leadership and guidance for this work throughout the last decade.

ELQA was conceptualized, developed, and implemented by the following people at the University of Oklahoma who spent countless hours researching and collaborating with the teachers and children who were part of the early literacy grants.

  • Joey Fronheiser, PhD
  • Susan J. Kimmel, PhD
  • Priscilla Griffith, PhD
  • Lucy Trautman, MEd
  • Jennifer Quillian, MS
  • Jennifer Stepp, PhD

Several past and current University of Oklahoma staff members significantly contributed to the development of ELQA by providing their ideas, dedication, and critical support, including:

  • Geneva Strech, MEd, MHR
  • John Vetter, MA
  • Lisa White, BA
  • Milton Collier, BA
  • Jose Diaz, MBA
  • Betty Harris, MA
  • Kelly Phillips
  • Yuxin Qin, MAcc
  • Gabriel Silvarajoo, MEd
  • Sharon Strait
  • Carol Surber, MA
  • Sze-Yee Tong, BA