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Recognizing numbers is an essential skill for early math. You can help your child build their ability to recognize numbers with the following activities:

Bedtime Math

Signup for Bedtime Math, and you'll have a fun math problem to do with your child every night. Bedtime Math makes math fun, and you can do it after school, at bathtime, or bedtime.

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Play Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a fun physical activity that helps reinforce number recognition for young children. Is the weather not cooperating for a sidewalk chalk version? You can make an indoor hopscotch board using flattened cardboard boxes, an old shower curtain, or a disposable tablecloth! Simply use a permanent marker to make the squares and have your child write the numbers. Your child can then use a small bean bag or stuffed toy to throw onto the board and hop his way through counting.

Locate Your Home

Numbers aren't just for counting — they are also for labeling. Teach your child the street number on your home. Explain how buildings are numbered on every street and take a walk around your neighborhood, pointing out the numbers on homes, businesses, and signs.