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Learning about measurement and data is key to building early math skills. Activities you can do with your child to promote early skills related to simple time concepts and comparing number of objects:

Describe a Difference Between Two Objects

Talk with your child about your surroundings or common, every day observations. For example, you can point out to your child that one baby carrot is longer than the other or one tree is shorter than the other.

Make Comparisons

At the grocery store or in your home, hold two fruits (e.g., a large orange and a small apple) and talk about which one feels heavier/weighs more. This can be done with various other objects - your child's shoe compared to your heavy boots, or a washcloth compared to a big towel.

Talk About Time

Talk about time with your child. For example, "It only took us 3 minutes to clean up those toys" or "It took us 10 minutes to read the book".

Talk About Different Times of Day

Your child is just getting a sense of morning, afternoon, and night, as well as the activities that we do during each time. Make a picture chart of things your child does every morning and night - e.g., eating breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed.

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