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All available presentation slides are listed below.

2016 Conference Program Guide


Fran Harding, The Role of Prevention in Integrated Health: The Federal Perspective
Kareema Abdullah, Integrating Prevention Activities: The Role of Community Coalitions
Doug Thomas, Prevention in Integration: Models from the Field
Louisiana Public Health Institute, Prevention Through Integrated Service Design: Lessons Learned in New Orleans
Anthony Biglan, Translating Prevention Research into Action: A Work in Progress
Kaitlyn Reho, Using What You Have: Improving Readiness for SBIRT
Tamasi/Dotolo, Implementing SBIRT in Primary Care by an Addiction Organization
Hilton Foundation, Screen and Intervene: Implementing the NH Youth SBIRT Initiative
Pepin/LaFave, Screen and Intervene
Biscoe, Reynolds, Petersen, The Future of This Prevention Focused Conference
Harding, Duffy, Prevention Integration
Biglan, The Power of Nurturing
Julie Stevens, Credentialing of Prevention Professionals
Reyes/Reynolds, Financing SBIRT in Primary Care: The Alphabet Soup and Making Sense of It

DAY 2, THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2016

Biscoe, Osofsky, Reyes, Vanderlip, The Role of Prevention in Treatment
Erik Vanderlip, Evidence Based Integrated Care: New Concepts of Prevention and Recovery
Capt Jennifer Fan, The Future of Prevention: Addressing the Prescription Drug Abuse and the Opioid/Heroin Epidemic in our Country
Kate Grismala, Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country
Beverly Irby, Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care on HBCU: THe Ecological Approach to Campus Health
Laura Leone, A Multi-Modal Approach to Eliminating Suicide in an Integrated Primary Care/Behavioral Health Setting
Head-Dunham, The Impact of Prescription Drug Abuse on Addition Services Use/Abuse
Christy Zamani, Civic Engagement and Community Mobilizing
Phillip Graham, Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse: SAMHSA’s Response and Preliminary Findings from CSAP’s Partnership for Success
Jeremy Nelson, The Internet of Health: Wearables, Apps, Engagement and Population Health
OKC Indian Clinic, Addressing the Needs of American Indians in an Urban Setting

DAY 3, FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016

Cheryl Sharp, Trauma and the Implications for Integrated Prevention Practice
Cheryl Sharp, Trauma Informed Care Organizational Checklist
George Patrin  , Suicide Prevention with BH Integration Training in PC Clinics: A Survivor Perspective
Joy Sweeney, Second Change Change – Early Intervention
Mary Margaret Gleason, Prevention and Health Promotion: Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in Primary Care
Lori Beyer, The Future of Prevention: Integrating Trauma Prevention and Intervention into Mental Health and Addiction Organizations
Stacy Ogbeide, et al, Answering the Call for Integration: Training Today’s Healthcare Workforce
Adam Lesser, Identification and Triage Using the Columbia Suicide Rating Scale: Increasing Precision
Y. Montez Lane, Bridging the Efforts of Community SA Prevention Coalitions and Health Care Organizations
Anderson, Tallchief, Workforce Development