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Belinda Biscoe, PhD, ICPS, OCADDPA, Debby Jones, CPS, Dallas DeAnne McCance, MPS, Sharon Louise Montes, MD - Integration and Prevention’s Role: The Oz at the End of the Yellow Brick Road

Belinda Biscoe, PhD, ICPS, OCADDPA - Support for Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention through the Lens of Resilience

Frances M. Harding, Sean Fearns, Richard Lucey, Jr., Michelle Spahn - Behavioral Health and Law Enforcement: DEA’s Role in Bridging Primary Prevention, Law Enforcement, and Community Organizations in Focusing on Primary Care

Julie Stevens, MPS, ACPS, ICPS - Social Determinants of Mental Health

Cady Berkel, PhD - The Family Check-Up 4 Health: Integrating a Family-Focused Behavioral Intervention into Primary Care

Joel B. Bennett, PhD, CWP, Ruth Gassman, PhD, Konye Ori, MA, Desiree Reynolds, MPH, MCHE - Healthy Work Cultures in Our Own Agencies: Resilience from the Inside Out

Drew M. Brooks, BA, CCDP - Building Faith Leader Capacity for Community Prevention Efforts


Johnnetta Davis-Joyce, MA - Integrating Across Systems: Multi-Sector Partnerships in Prevention

Hayse “Q” Miller - The Challenges of Providing Prevention Services, Primary and Behavioral Health Care in a World of Cultural and Systemic Barriers

Jackson Carney, JD, Sabira Ebaady, MPH, Tiffanie Smith, RN - Louisiana Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Healthcare (LaPIPBHC): Implementation and Evaluation

Joseph Hyde, MA, LMHC, CAS - Seeing Through the Smoke: A Practitioners Guide to Cannabis Prevention and Early Intervention

Albert Terrillion, DrPH, CPH, CHES - Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Partnerships with Health Care

Debby Jones, CPS - Integrating Prevention…Without Getting Caught!

COL-Ret (Army) George D. Patrin, MD, MHA, FAAP, FACHE - Behavioral Health Integration Within Properly Resourced Primary Care Clinics: What Does It Look Like to Effectively Promote Prevention?

Tracy Johnson, Raylette Pickett, Sarah Potter MA, Tasha Wilkerson, MA - Health Disparities in Prevention

Patrick Padgen, MSW, MPH, Amanda Phi, MPH - Prescription for a Healthy NYC: Learning from Collaborative HIV Testing within NYC Pharmacies

Joseph H. Evans, PhD, Holly, Roberts, PhD - Pediatric Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Preventing Mental Health Disorders in Later Life

Sharon Louise Montes, MD - Promoting Prevention with Integrated Holistic Medicine

Juell Homco, PhD, MPH, Chuck Tryon, MSKM, Jonathan Nahmias, MD - Do No Harm Supporting Oklahoma Primary Care Practices to Prevent Substance Use Disorder, Overdose, and Suicide Deaths

Chuck Klevgaard, CSPS - The Role of Prevention Practitioners in Addressing and Reducing Stigma

Marissa E. Carlson, MS, CPS, Maura McGowan - Prevention Risk & Protective Factors: Why They Matter Across Systems


Richard F. Catalano, PhD - Unleashing the Power of Prevention in Communities: A Role for Primary Care

Frances M. Harding, Janice W. Petersen, PhD, Craig L. PoVey, MSW - “Been There, Done That” … Now What?