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Friendly Faces



OU Outreach holds these as our core values, guiding everything we do:

Lifelong Learner

The lifelong learner is at the core of every activity in which we are engaged.

Lifelong Learning

As an organization involved in the educational enterprise, we will engage in those activities that foster lifelong learning.

Change Agent

We provide leadership for societal change by enhancing and enriching the communities with which we are involved.

Respect, Civility, Social Responsibility

Respect, civility, and social responsibility are fundamental to all of our interpersonal interactions.


We strive to be effective stewards of the resources we manage to ensure they are leveraged for maximum efficiency.

Culture Inclusion

All of our activities and programs reflect the high value we place on cultural inclusiveness.


Trustworthiness and cooperation are characteristic of all our work relationships.

Knowledge Sharing

We value sharing knowledge and information that enables us to transcend organizational barriers, communicate ideas, and bette serve our constituents.

Continuous Improvement

In response to changing environments, we strive for continuous improvement in our staff development, corporate capacity, and service to others.