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$900,000 Grant from Oklahoma Human Services Supports Fatherhood Initiative

$900,000 Grant from Oklahoma Human Services Supports Fatherhood Initiative

Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The University of Oklahoma Outreach has received a grant of up to $900,000 from Oklahoma Human Services through the Center for Public Management (CPM) in the College of Continuing Education. This funding is part of the State of Oklahoma's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF.) block grant. It is being provided to organizations implementing fatherhood-specific services across the State, including in rural areas. The contract awards come from a competitive bid process (RFP) to fund organizations at a maximum of $300,000 annually for up to three years. 

A pilot program has been in place with CPM in cooperation with Child Support Services of Oklahoma Human Services. The program works with non-custodial parents with barriers to meeting parental obligations. Program participants are matched with a coach who helps them identify their barriers and formulate a plan for success. 

This grant will allow CPM to offer a fatherhood course called On My Shoulders to fathers without charge. This can make a difference for fathers working towards obtaining visitation or custody of their children. This is especially true when their children are in the custody of the State of Oklahoma.  We want to strengthen fathers' bonds with their children," says Vincent Deberry, Director of CPM. “This is a great opportunity to take what the University does so well – educating individuals from different backgrounds and positively impacting our state as a whole." 

CPM will provide a dual approach of group workshops and coaching support to help fathers navigate challenges to increase their relationship success and financial stability. Oklahoma State University was also awarded a grant for its fatherhood program.