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C3/SC3 Regional Advisory Board Meeting 2018

The theme, Equitable Choices + Empowered Voices = Student Success, will allow RAB members to focus on what states, districts, and schools are and should be doing to promote student success for the unique and diverse students of each state.


  • Build regional stakeholders’ awareness of how State Education Agencies (SEAs) are advancing student success by leveraging state initiatives and the provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to meet the unique and diverse needs of students at the state and local levels.
  • Engage regional stakeholders in essential conversations regarding:
    • the meaning of "student success,"
    • how to measure student success,
    • the potential of state-specific student success initiatives, and
    • each stakeholder's contributions and impact on student success.
  • Cultivate a community of regional stakeholders engaged in continued discussions to explore policies, practices, and actions to support all learners.
  • Gather input from RAB members that informs the centers’ work to promote progress of today’s learners.

Associated Documents

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